Our Work

Bowman Studio was founded in 1987 and has been in continuous business ever since. While the technology has changed dramatically, a strong story-line that delivers the clients key message will always remain the Studio’s aim. Presentations are developed with a target audience in mind get that message across.  Clear and uncluttered visuals, in any media, motion footage, stills, graphics deliver BRAND RECOGNITION, PROVIDE ESSENTIAL INFORMATION AND CONFIDENCE in doing business and successful partnerships.

The Studio approaches each project from concept development, draft scripting, production planning, field recording, editing and fine tuning with the client. The Studio has a broad base of clients. Very often a diverse range of productions match the communication needs – from TV COMMERCIALS, INDUCTIONS, TRAINING, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT, TECHNICAL PRODUCT SUPPORT, SEMINARS & MEETINGS. The majority of work is delivered ready for delivery on conventional media, web-based interactive in the format, language and length requested. The Studio work on a firm fixed delivery date and an agreed budget figure, Only nice surprises allowed.